Modern DIY Bedroom Plant Shelf With Rust-Oleum

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Modern DIY Bedroom Plant Shelf With Rust-Oleum

|It’s extraordinary what a few portions of wooden + Rust-Oleum spray paint can do to create the cutest DIY bed room plant shelf. My husband whipped up a few simple shelves, then I painted and styled them. It changed into so smooth, and I desired to expose you what we did so that you can effortlessly make your own. The fake summer season plants arranged at the shelf create the proper heat-climate decor vibe for this bed room. I love the way it all came collectively.

A couple of months ago, my 12-12 months-vintage daughter requested me approximately making her a plant shelf to grasp above her bed. It sounded like a amazing DIY that my husband and I could do. My husband made a few quick, chunky trestle cabinets, and away we went.

Making trestle shelves is pretty easy. We used 2 x 2 for the trestles and 1 x 8 for the shelves, so that you virtually reduce your trestles an inch or so shorter than the width of your cabinets. They simply require three pieces, a horizontal and a vertical piece, and the angled piece linked them. It’s truly easy to crank them out on a compound miter saw, however they also can be finished with a jig-saw or maybe a handsaw.|

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